About Us

If you are a condominium owner, property manager, or a concerned property guest that is looking for an alternative to the status quo, do not hesitate to contact me concerning your beach service needs.

Chris Rezmer founded Sun, Sand & Sea Beach Service, Inc. in January of 1997. After working for several Beach Service operators in Destin and in positions ranging from a “Bwana” or helper, assistant beach attendant, lead beach attendant, and general manager, it became apparent that Destin lacked a truly professional beach service. The Beach Service industry has been characterized by the “beach bum” persona for far too long. The image was bad for the industry, the contracted properties, the employees, and the visiting guests. There was a belief that if someone conducted himself as a professional, than perhaps the industry would become a profession. It was this desire to promote honesty, integrity, safety, and dependability, while providing quality employment opportunities that became the foundation for this company.

Fortunately, Michael Clary, the owner of Silver Beach Motel & Cottages shared the same principles and granted the first beach service agreement with Sun, Sand & Sea Beach Service, Inc. After several years, condominium owners and guests began to notice the difference in operating procedures and professionalism that form our foundation. Hard work and dedication paid off with the acquisition of Sterling Sands in 2000, Emerald Towers in 2002, The Grand Mariner in 2004, Destiny-By-The-Sea in 2007, and Breakers East in 2008. Our mission is to provide the best possible service and equipment to our clients and to construct the most reputable and honest Beach Service Company in the Destin area.